Introducing Deri Protocol Testnet

New users on Deri Protocol?

Deri Protocol testnet is here! Demo Trade on Deri Protocol with demo assets to learn how to trade derivatives without risking real assets.

How to use Deri Protocol Testnet on Binance Smart Chain Testnet?

  1. Connect to Binance Smart Chain Testnet

2. Obtain Testnet Token at “Faucet”

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For those who would like a greater understanding of the basic concepts of Perpetual Futures and Everlasting Options on Deri Protocol, we have made detailed Tutorials, these guides can be found at

About Deri Protocol

Deri Protocol = (Perpetual Futures + Everlasting Options) x Decentralized.

Deri is the DeFi way to trade derivatives: to hedge, to speculate, to arbitrage, all on chain. With Deri Protocol, trades are executed under AMM paradigm and positions are tokenized as NFTs, highly composable with other DeFi projects. Having provided an on-chain mechanism to exchange risk exposures precisely and capital-efficiently, Deri Protocol has minted one of the most important blocks of the DeFi infrastructure.

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Deri Protocol = (Perpetual Futures + Everlasting Options) x Decentralized.