Deri V4 Bonanza Festival Begins Today

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3 min readNov 2, 2023

What is Deri V4 Bonanza Festival?

The Deri V4 Bonanza Festival is a journey that a user can undertake to learn about Deri V4.

The Deri V4 Bonanza Festival is a journey designed for users to explore and learn about Deri V4. It includes a series of challenges and opportunities to dive into Deri V4, all while contributing to the improvement of Deri Protocol. As you complete each segment in the coming weeks, you’ll gain hands-on experience with Deri V4, shape its future, and earn points towards special Deri V4 Origin NFTs.

Key Information About the Bonanza Festival:

What are the goals for the Bonanza Festival?

At the Bonanza Festival, our foremost objective is to emulate diverse mainnet situations during the public testnet. This will enable us to collect feedback and empower our engineering team to implement essential modifications. The core purpose of this event is to prime the Deri V4 for its imminent mainnet debut.

Upon the readiness of the Deri V4 mainnet, our emphasis will shift to amplifying trading volume and continuously refining the Deri Protocol.

How is the festival structured?

Over the next few weeks, the Deri team has planned a series of challenges tailored for Deri holders, liquidity providers, and traders. These challenges encompass quizzes, polls, off-chain activities, and on-chain activities, all aimed at familiarizing you with Deri V4.

Our journey kicks off with Phase I, titled ‘Deri V4 Testnet Revelation: A New Beginning.’ During this phase, we introduce the Deri V4 Testnet, inviting you to explore its capabilities.

In Phase II, ‘Deri V4 User Insights: Shaping the Future,’ we turn to you, our valued users, to gather your insights and ideas. Your feedback will be pivotal in shaping the future of Deri V4.

Phase III, ‘Deri V4 Mainnet Odyssey: Launching into the Future,’ marks the highly anticipated launch of the Deri V4 Mainnet. Join us for a series of events celebrating this significant milestone and the innovative features it brings.

Finally, in Phase IV, ‘Deri V4 Degen Trader Challenge: Ignite Trading,’ we challenge trading enthusiasts to put their skills to the test, ignite excitement, and compete for electrifying rewards in a trading challenge.

Stay tuned for more details on each phase and get ready to embark on this exciting journey with us!

Why should you participate?

For most participants, this is a unique opportunity to learn about Deri V4 and engage in on-chain derivatives trading. As we’re still in the testnet phase, the lower stakes make it an ideal time for new users to explore Deri V4 and derivatives trading.

For those who complete the challenges, you can track your contributions on Galxe to compete for a set of NFTs that Deri will make available to participants at the end of the festival, based on their final cumulative contributions. More details about the NFTs will be shared soon.

What happens if a challenge or activity strains the testnet?

In the event of a bug or issue that disrupts the normal operation of the network, we may temporarily pause the challenges to address and resolve the issue. This is precisely what we’re aiming for — to identify and rectify any potential problems during the testnet phase, before transitioning to the mainnet.

Need assistance getting started or with on-chain activities?

You can find guides on how to trade on Deri here. If you need further assistance, join our Discord community for support.

Join us on this thrilling journey of discovery, learning, and trading on Deri V4!

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