Deri Protocol Monthly Report for September 2023

Deri Protocol
3 min readOct 7, 2023


1. Deri Protocol has initiated governance votes to determine the first and second i-chains for Deri V4. The results indicate that the first i-chain will be Arbitrum, followed by zkSync Era.

2. A new feature, the Funding Fee Chart, has been introduced. It provides both historical and real-time funding fee data for all derivatives on

3. Deri Protocol has added new trading symbols, including BTCUSD-24000-C, BTCUSD-24000-P, ETHUSD-1400-C, and ETHUSD-1400-P, provinding traders with more options for trading.

4. Deri Protocol has received a nomination for Innovation Excellence at BNBChain Ecosystem Catalyst Awards, recognizing its contributions to the blockchain and DeFi ecosystem.

5. Deri Protocol has launched the ‘Deri x Arbitrum Odyssey’ campaign.

A. Project Progress

Deri V4 continues to make significant progress. We’ve initiated governance votes to determine the first and second i-chains for Deri V4, with Arbitrum securing the first position and zkSync Era the second.

Additionally, we’ve introduced Deri V4’s groundbreaking d-chain, empowering cross-chain innovation. For a deeper understanding of Deri V4’s architecture, we invite you to explore the details in our articles:

Furthermore, Deri V4’s architecture fosters unified liquidity, providing enhanced DeFi trading experiences for our users. Learn more about how all liquidity fragments converge in our latest articles:

Deri Protocol is proud to introduce a new feature, the ‘Funding Fee Chart’. This offers comprehensive historical and real-time data on funding fees for all derivatives available on This will help traders stay informed and make smarter trading decisions.

New listings:





B. Ecosystem/Community

Partnership: Deri Protocol x Entangle Protocol

Deri is partnering with Entangle to use their Liquid Vaults, benefiting both the platform and all users in different ways. For Deri, integrating Liquid Vaults adds another layer of earning potential, making Deri more appealing to investors and attracting more users, thereby increasing overall liquidity on Deri Protocol through expanding upon the utility of LP assets.

Deri Protocol is nominated for Innovation Excellence at BNBChain Ecosystem Catalyst Awards.

Deri Protocol launched a campaign ‘Deri x Arbitrum Odyssey’. This incentive program is designed to enhance user engagement and foster growth within Deri protocol.

Deri’s Live Stream/AMAs:

Deri launched a routine community Discord AMA on September 11th.

On-Chain Data

Since the launch of the DERI burning mechanism, nearly 6.53M DERI tokens have been burned to deadlock, with nearly 188K DERI tokens burned in September 2023.

About Deri Protocol

Deri, your option, your future!

Deri is the DeFi way to trade derivatives: to hedge, to speculate, to arbitrage, all on chain. With Deri Protocol, trades are executed under AMM paradigm and positions are tokenized as NFTs, highly composable with other DeFi projects. Having provided an on-chain mechanism to exchange risk exposures precisely and capital-efficiently, Deri Protocol has minted one of the most important blocks of the DeFi infrastructure.

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