Deri Protocol Monthly Report for May

Highlights in May

· Deri Protocol V2 whitepaper published

· DERI is added to Pancake’s syrup pool, and DERI/BUSD farm is live

· The first-ever, DeFi Meme coin index derivative (iMEME) is available on the platform for contract trading

· Announcing partnership with dForce to promote USX

After several months of development, Deri Protocol V2 will be officially launched in June, with its advanced new features, such as dynamic mixed margin and liquidity-providing, and multiple trading symbols in one pool.

A. Product progress

Deri Protocol V2 to be launched

Deri Protocol V2 will be officially launched in early June. Inheriting all the features of V1, Deri Protocol V2 introduces advanced new features

- Dynamic mixed margin

- Dynamic liquidity providing

- Multiple trading symbols in one pool

With these features, the derivative trading on Deri Protocol will achieve extreme capital efficiency.

Trade Demo published

Traders can now trade programmatically on Deri Protocol. Check our Demo to get started: demo of Deri-related programs

Launch iMEME index derivative

Through a community vote initiated on Twitter, Deri listed meme coin index (iMEME) as a derivative product of the Deri protocol. Users can add DERI liquidity to the iMEME pool and obtain DERI tokens.

B. Ecosystem/Community

Deri Protocol Partners with dForce to promote USX

The partnership with dForce is a solid step forward in increasing the diversity and variety of base tokens offered, and with it, the reach of Deri Protocol.

DERI is on Pancake Syrup and Farm

Pancake added DERI to Syrup Pool, users can stake CAKE to earn DERI.

Users that provide liquidity into the DERI-BUSD pool can stake their CAKE-LP tokens on Deri Protocol to earn $DERI and $CAKE rewards.

The Biggest Loser Trading Competition

Deri Protocol’s newest competition which lasts two weeks has come to an end on May 31st. The rule is rewarding the biggest losers (ranked from 1st to 10th) and results will be released soon. Please follow our Twitter for the latest updates.

Participated in the Blockchain Hackathon @ Southeast Asia

We participated in the Blockchain Hackathon @ Southeast Asia supported by BSC. 0xAlpha showcased Deri Protocol V2 at the final livestream. (

C. On-chain data

Deri Protocol


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