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3 min readApr 26, 2024

Introducing the Deri Protocol Broker Program: Earn Rewards for Your Trading Success!

Are you a savvy trader looking to maximize your earnings in the crypto market? Look no further than the Deri Protocol Broker Program! We’re excited to announce an opportunity for traders like you to earn rewards based on your trading performance and referrals. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, our program offers lucrative incentives to help you succeed.

We aim to Create an incentive system for Brokers to create a trade in real-time, and distribute specific derivatives content across the internet.

The program will launch to see participants split a reward pool of $5000 USDT for the pilot stage and will improve month on month!

Task A: Trade User Reward ($4500)

In Task A, brokers have the opportunity to earn rewards by acquiring new trade users on Deri Protocol. Here’s how it works:

Qualification: Brokers must acquire at least 50 new trade users on Deri Protocol to qualify for rewards.

User Requirements: Each acquired trade user must complete 3 trades within the month, with a combined worth of $500.

Reward Cap: The maximum reward per broker is capped at $150.

Referral ID: New users must be registered using the affiliate’s referral ID to qualify.

Trade Volume Measurement: Trade volumes are measured monthly, excluding historical data.

Reward Distribution: Rewards are capped and distributed within the specified range.

Acquisition Deadline: Brokers need to acquire new users and ensure they complete their first trade on Deri within the campaign period.

Task B: Trade Volume Reward ($500)

In Task B, the top 3 brokers with the highest trade volume on their portfolio will split a reward pool of $500. Also, qualified winners must have a minimum Trade Volume of $500K to unlock rewards

How to Sign up for the Deri Protocol Broker Program?

1. Complete the participant’s application form.

2. Log in to the Deri Protocol using the provided link.

3. Connect your wallet using any preferred option (Metamask, WalletConnect, etc.).

4. Choose your preferred broker name (e.g., “BEN” as broker name will give you: []

5. Input “DAP” as the Broker Recruiter Details.

6. Submit your application and verify approval on your selected DeFi Wallet.

7. Join the TG community to get more task updates.

How to Set Up Your Broker Account

Step 1

  • Sign up to Deri Referral Program using the LINK and Connect your Wallet

Step 2

  • Toggle to the Broker Option and Click “Generate Code”

Step 3

  • Input your preferred Username (JOSEPH)
  • Next Input DAP as your Broker Recruiter (Compulsory)

Step 4

  • Copy your Referral Link and share it with your friends
  • Track your contribution to the Deri Protocol Broker Program

Join the Deri Protocol Broker Program today and start earning rewards for your trading success! Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to level up your trading game. Happy trading!

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