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2 min readAug 29, 2022

The Arbitrum network will be upgraded on August 31, 2022, at 2:30 PM UTC. As part of this upgrade, there will be some expected downtime. The official announcement on this can be found here.

While the Deri protocol should handle the downtime automatically, as a precaution, the Deri Protocol will be temporarily suspended from August 31st, 2:00 PM before the upgrade begins.

Once the migration is completed, we will check that everything is running fine and resume the Deri Protocol afterward.

Note that during downtime, transactions cannot be sent on Arbitrum, and data may not be available. This means that information may not fully load on Deri pages and positions on Arbitrum cannot be closed during the downtime.

There is the possibility of variable price movements of on-chain assets during this downtime. We recommend traders create action plans, suited to their portfolio, that will address possible price movements.

No impact to liquidity providers on the Deri Protocol.

Your funds are safu!

Trading on BNBChain will continue as normal during this time.

We will be taking the following steps to notify users about this downtime:

29 Aug 2022: Notification on Deri site and social channels about downtime

30 Aug 2022: Reminder notification on social channels

31 Aug 2022: Arbitrum Nitro upgrade, notification on social channels when the upgrade begins and when it completes

About Deri Protocol

Deri, your option, your future!

Deri is the DeFi way to trade derivatives: to hedge, to speculate, to arbitrage, all on chain. With Deri Protocol, trades are executed under AMM paradigm and positions are tokenized as NFTs, highly composable with other DeFi projects. Having provided an on-chain mechanism to exchange risk exposures precisely and capital-efficiently, Deri Protocol has minted one of the most important blocks of the DeFi infrastructure.

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Deri Protocol

Deri Protocol = (Perpetual Futures + Everlasting Options) x Decentralized.